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This interesting and education tour will teach you all about the history and culture of Costa Rican coffee.

The tour starts with the marvellous history of coffee, followed by the history of Costa Rican coffee and its importance in the socio-economical development of the country. During the tour, other aspects of Costa Rican culture will be mentioned, as well as their traditions.

Exposing the life cycle of the coffee plant from the seed on, followed by:

The recollection of coffee: Where you will learn about the recollection of the coffee fruits, the life style of those on the area, the history, donde  aprenderemos sobre la forma de recolectar el fruto de los cafetales, el estilo de vida de quienes llevan a cabo esta tarea, sus historias, etc. (This activity will take place during the months of November to February, which is the season of fruit picking.)

Crusher: Getting to know the traditional way of taking the pulp of the coffee, the process of washing the mucilage and the seperation of the primary grains and the other categories.

Coffee drying patio: This area is a large cement patio where the coffee will be placed to dry naturally in this hot and dry abience

Cellar and coffee toasting: Storage place of the bags of coffee ready to finalize the process of aging. Here the grains will be selected, toasted and finally packaged.

tour cafe juan 2Oxcart ride: Rie with a traditional oxcart, druing which the visitor can enjoy the experience of Costa Ricans anscestors.

Restaurant La Casona: On the way back to the main building, you can enjoy some Don Juan coffee accompanied by a typical snack.

Souvenir shop: In this great place you can buy some Don Juan Coffee as well as various coffee-related products.




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