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The Doka Coffee Plantation Costa Rica is a tourist center that offers a unique experience where you can see from up close the most famous cultivation of the country. Directed by the Vargas Family from Alajuela, Costa Rica, this plantation has dedicated itself to coffee production since 1931.

This coffee tour in Costa Rica demonstrates the different methods of cultivations, harvest, toasting and percolation techniques. You will visit the coffee plant located on the Doka plantation that was constructed the past century, the oldest plant of the country still used and functioning by water springs that flow through the mountains. In the year 2003 the Doka estate was declared patrimonial history and architecture. During this educational tour you can experience first hand the coffee making process and the efforts to obtain the best of what nature and science can give us, resulting in unique coffee, that already for three generations Doka Estate is famous for.

This fun coffee tour takes you on an excursion to see the inside of a functioning plantation, explaining the antique traditionals and modern technology used during the coffee making process. The Doka Estate covers a coffee museum, gardens, an old coffee house, a ranch with a capacity for 200 people, a shop where you can buy Tres Generaciones offee and a large variety of souvenirs. The different coffees for sales, among many others, are European, French roast, Espresso, Italian roast and Peaberry, likewise a houseblend and breakfast blend. For two consecutive years, Doka Estate has won ¨Best Coffee in the World¨ and the tour on the plantation dedicates itself to demonstrate and share the art and tradition that are such an integral part of daily life in Costa Rica. Come and experience the Real Coffee Tour at Doka Estate today and return to your home with magical, cultural, traditional and tasty stories!


Duration: 50 min to 1 hour.

Through this great tour you can see the functioning of the sugar cane mill, called a Trapiche. You will learn all about the process of making sugar cane sugar. Your guide will take you through all of the steps: cultivation, methots of harvest, extraction, evaporation, boiling and storage. The sugar cane used in this tour is cultivated at Doka Estate and surrounding fincas. You can also try one of the by-products of sugar cane, like molasses, cane fibres and other respective products. This mini tour in Costa Rica takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
Con este maravilloso recorrido podrás ver el funcionamiento interno de un molino de caña de azúcar, coloquialmente llamado Trapiche. Usted aprenderá todo acerca de cómo se procesa y se elabora el dulce a partir de la caña de azúcar. Su guía le llevará a través de cada uno de los pasos: el cultivo, métodos de recolección, la extracción, la evaporación, la ebullición y el almacenamiento. La caña de azúcar usada en esta gira es cultivada en Doka y fincas aledañas, este producto nacional en combinación con la fábrica cuidadosamente operada crea una empresa que cuida el medio ambiente además de integrarse verticalmente. También podrá degustar y aprender  acerca de los productos secundarios de la caña de azúcar, tales como la melaza y fibras de caña y sus usos respectivos. Esta mini gira de Costa Rica dura aproximadamente de 20 a 30 minutos.

cafedoka 1Bonsai and Orchid Garden Doka Estate
Following the culture of growing coffee, since 1940, the family has had a special affection or Bonsai trees. This day a collection of 250 Bonsais can be found, some of which more than 30 years old and other recently planted. This garden is also surrounded by vegetation, water fountains and orchids.

Doka Estate Butterfly Garden
Be sure to take a stroll through the butterfly gardens at Doka Estate. This beautiful botanical garden is home to 15 species that have gone through their metamorphosis between these walls. Among the species that you will be able to observe are the Blue Morpho, Monarch butterfly, Búho and heliconias. In the garden you can also find the plants that house each and every one of these butterflies. The reproduction does not take place in the garden, but in a seperate laboratory. Your guide will explain the metamorphosis process and all its phases, from the egg to the adult butterfly. There are magnifiers present to follow and see this process from up close. If you are lucky, you might be able to see a butterfly being born! This mini tour take approximately 20 minutes.

Restaurant La Cajuela
Recently remodeled, the La Cajuela Restaurant is known for offering the best servie quality and creole food of the area. Enjoy their breakfast and lunch buffet, or ask for one of their incentives and corporate menus that also include many distinctive dishes designed by their chef, barbeques for large groups, natural fruit drinks and a variety of desserts. Discover the barista art in their Bistro Cafeteria, surrounded by the coffee plantation, beautiful gardens and paths that create a perfect ambience to enjoy a cappuccino, espresso or even better, their excusive Moca Frío Coffee. Be part of this magical traditional and let them share with you the fushion of tastes in La Cajuela Restaurant at Doka Estate.

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