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From 1991 this Coffee Tour has educated and entertained almost 1 million friens and coffee lovers from all over the world, through a colorful and origional journey through the plantation until the toaster.

The guests will be recieved in an area surrounded by gardesn where you will be able to relax while enjoying gourmet coffee.

The mask exhibition is located in the green zones, with life-sized dolls from El Gigante and La Giganta, related to Costa Rican legends. A walk where adults and children alike can enjoy the stories and take fun pictures.

To understand the cultivating process of coffee the best way is visiting the seedbeds, where the experience starts, guided by experts with explanations about the origin of the process, followed by a walk through the different growing stages where the seed is converted into a plant ready to be re-planted on the plantation.

The walk continues through the sustainable coffee plantation, where you will discover the beficial conditions of cultivating gourmt coffee, the different life stages of the plant through the year and the traditional way of collecting the Golden Grain; get to know more practices and techniques that are used to control pagues and deseases. Also, you will get to know how the seed  turns into coffee from obtaining the seed to finally toasting it.

The walk will then follow to the toasting plant, where you will get to know the caracteristics of the seeds through an expert taster that tries to find and pick the best grains to toast. You will share the experience of toasting with our guides and perceive the changes that a grain of coffee experiences during the process, untill it is finished and the delicous aroma of toaste coffee greets you.


cafebrit 1Once comfortably seated at the amphiteatre, the guests are ready to enjoy a tasting demonstration. In this part of the visit, two guests are invited to come to the front and share this experience with experts, while the rest can take note of the recommendations on how to prepare the best cup of coffee and distinguish its quality, taking all factors into consideration of this delicate and exquisite drink. Know why the termperature of the water, the grind and form of preperation are such important elements in the creation of a drink with superior quality.

In a different and entertaining way, you discover the history of coffee in Costa Rica and its role in developing the country´s economy. Let yourself be transported to the different areas of the country that produce the best coffee in Costa Rica.    

After completing the tour, from plantation to cup, the best way to end the day? Of course, with a great cup of gourmet coffee and a variety of chocolates! Accompany the experts to the factory store where a tasting session will be prepared to try and taste different caracteristics of the coffee in its palate. 

You will learn with them the secrets that hide in a cup of coffee in an entertaining and diffrent way. We are sure you will have an experience that you will wish to share with friends and family. A tour you cannot forget to take while visiting Costa Rica!

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