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This tour allows you to explore the beauty of the mangrove eco system.

The transportation will pick you up at the hotel, where you will start your coastal trip. During the 20-minute drive, the guide will explain some things about the outstanding landscapes you pass. You will start the tour on a river named Paquita, where you will float through the forest. Be sure to keep you eyes open to be able to detect the innumerable bird, snake and monkey species.

Observe in silence the rich habitat, while your  guide offers explanations about the nature species that can be found in the region. The tour takes you further into the canals and gives you the opportunity to observe bird species such as Herons, King Fishers and Ospreys, as well as several migratory species. During the boat ride you can take photos of the island while passing through naturally made tunnels from trees and mangrove. This tour does not require any experience. The Kayaks are available for 1 and 2 persons. Children under 8 cannot go alone in a kayak.

Departure: Deping on the tide

Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring: Sunblock, waterproof camera, sunglasses, visor, insect repellent, swim suit and towel.

Includes: Transportation, nature guide, drinks and lunch or dinner.


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