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The hanging bridges of Arenal are on the best eco-touristic project of Costa Rica, with the exhuberant primary rain forest, and a rick biodiversity and an unmatched scenic splendor.

The hanging bridges of Arenal are a eco-tourism development where the principal objective is the observation and protection of the natural environment. The private Natural Reserve of almost 250 hectares of Tropical Cloud Forest counts a rich variety of species in the area.

The hanging bridges of Arenal are a fun and educational option to get to know more about the ntural environment and the primary forest. The paths have a design fit for all kinds of people and covers 3100 meters in lenght that can be found inside the highland.


For bird lovers we offer the ideal tour! At 6:00 am we start the journey with an expert ornithologist guide that will help us observe and identify that mayor quantity of bird species in the natural reserve.

At the haning bridges of Arenal you will find 200 different bird species, of which some migratory birds and some local to the area. Because of the microclimate variety that can be found in the forest and the great diversity of birds in the area, bird lovers will be assured to have a great tour of excellent quality.


If prior booked, we will take you through the abundant biodiversity of the natural reserve. An expert nature guide will open the doors for you to the fascinating and colorful world of tropical forest through his knowledge of natural history. During this journey you will get to know a little more about the rich diversity of the flora and fauna in the area. Our guides will explain about all types of species, from the smallest such as spiders and snakes, to the more surprising ones such as ocelots.

This tour is a fun way to get to know our natural environment during an impressive hike.

The paths have a design adecuate for all sorts of people and covers 3100 meters in length that can be found inside the mountain range zone. 3 km of hiking further, you can admire the great diversity of flora and fauna typical to the rain forest, and observe a great quantity of birds, and enjoy the rich biodiversity during your visit. This tour will open fascinating doors for you about life in the tropical rainforest, and learn about our abundant nature.


 Price: Upon request

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