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This tour offers a perfect combination: observing the flora and fauna, total relaxation at the hotsprings and gourmet style dinner.

At the Arenal Volcano National Park, north of the Tilarán mountain range, you will find an extention of 12,124 ha, formed by mainly two mountain tops: the Arenal Volcano and Mount Chato. The park is visited by thousands of tourists that come each year in search of accommodation, hot springs and strategic points to observe the volcano´s activities and abundant fauna that inhabit the rain forest.

Before 1968, it was doubted that the volcano even was one, as it was extinct from its registration on. It was known as mount Arenal, however, the 29th of July of said year, three craters opened, creating an explosion that destroyed the towns of Tabacón and Pueblo Nuevo, killing around 90 people.

From then one, this volcano has been named one of the most active and famous ones in Costa Rica.

The hot springs of the Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort offers a perfect combination of volume, temperature and mineral content.

The hot springs are considered a natural expression of energy inherited by Planet Earth. Geologically, the hot srings at Tabacón are formed for 97% by rain and 3% by magma.

tabacon cena 2Inside the property, there are three thermal springs that emmerge and flow naturally at 50°C (122°F). In total, there are five different springs inside the property, with temperatures that range between 25°C (77°F) and 50°C (122°F). Two of the principle flows that are carried by the thermal river, flow through the gardens and a cold spring below the tropical forest. Other springs are capturaed to provide cold water to the visitors.

While the river flows through Tabacón through magma of the volcano, the springs absorb the minerals. The thermal waters offer a lot of benefits and the most important one is relaxing tired and tense muscles. At Tabacón, the hydrotheraphy is included with the price.

Other medicinal benefits that come with visiting the Arenal Volcano Hot Springs are:
Minerals are transferred through the skin and into the bloodstream
The physical effects are thanks to the water temperature, that helps dilate the skin, thus improving the oxygen flow. The heat also improves the flow of natural sedating substances in the body, promoting muscle relaxation. Together, these effects produce a feeling of well-being.


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