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Situated on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, at 20 km from the Osa Peninsula and Drake Bay Coast, Caño Island is an incredible Biological Marine Reserve in Costa Rica.

Part of the province of Puntarenas and north-east from Corcovado National Park, Caño is an island of great importance geographically as well as archaeologically. You will find the island, measuring 300 hectares, 15 km from the port of San Pedrillo, which used to be an old cemetery in pre-Colombian times.

Flora and fauna:
As for the plant species on the island, there are 158 of vascular plants and ferns. The area is caracterized by tropical forest, and most plant species are perennial.

The dominant coral species are Porites Lobata, which is resistant to the environmental fluctuations and have a high recovery rate. Corals are colonies of tiny animals that can take up to a hundred years to take the shape they are in today.

Description of the tour
You have to be at the office 30 minutes before to try the diving equipment. To continue, your guide will explain all about the tour. We will be led to the beach, which is 10 minutes from the office, where we will take the boat to the island.

The duration of the ride is 45 minutes. During the boat ride you can see turtles, dolphines, whales and some marine birds. Very close to the island we will snorkel for about one hour in a place called Garden. After that, we will be led to the beach with the boat, where we will check in with the park rangers. You can go on a 1-hour excursion on a path called the Mirador. After the hike, you will have lunch on the beach. There are some tables and chairs to sit down. After lunch, you can swim or relax on the beach, after which we will return to the boat and practice snorkeling again on a diffrent location, called Roca, for about 30 to 40 minutes. After that we will return to Drake Bay.

Includes: Guide, transportation, equipment, park entrance, lunch (picnic).

What to bring: Extra water, sunblock, sunglasses, sandals or watershoes, shoes to hike, camera, hat, swimsuit.



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