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Drake Bay offers some of the best opportunities in the world to see dolphins and whales, as well as other marine species in their natural habitat.

This area has the longest season to see humpback whales in the world, as they come from North and South America to this location.
More than 25 species of dolphins and whales are residents or pass through this area during migration.

Costa Ria is a strategic place to see whales and dolphins, as it has a warm current that is constant on the coasts. The dolphin and whale tour will be carried out on a motorboat.

All dolphins and whales in this tour are different and interesting. There are days that you will find dolphins close to the coast, and sothers that pass by far from the coast, where you will be able to spot large herds or bottle nose dolphins or stained dolphins.

It is also possible to witness a new whale mother teaching her baby or how many male humpback whales fight for female attention.

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