What do we do for sustainability?

From the beginning at Terraventuras we have firmly supported the conservation of the environment and the reduction of environmental impact. Thus, in the last years we have made significant changes such as the elimination of quad tours and the replacement of steel zipline cables with cables made of carbon fiber that reduce a large percentage of acoustic contamination in the forest. Moreover, we have involved various communities in our tours to ensure a joint development of the community. At Terraventuras Jungle Expeditions we try to rescue the forestal areas of the Caribbean zone, which have been very badly treated for years with illegal logging. In search for our own strategies of protecting the natural resources, we have developed a cooperation program between the company and tourists, called The Tree Project. With this program we give our clients the opportunity to be part of the reforestation of the area.

Sustainability Policies

1. We educate our employees continually according their field of work.

2. The products and beverages used and offered during the tours are organic and/or biodegradable as much as posible.

3. We only use environmentally friendly products to maintain and clean the facilities and equipment.

4. We try to buy as little as possible products that have environmental contradictions.

5. The final destination of the waste produced during the tours is very important for us, for this reason we offer clients and employees adecuate places to correctly handle their normal and organic waste.

6. Solid waste is handed in with RECICARIBE every week, to make sure the waste is recycled in a proper, responsable, sustainable and permanent manner. The organic waste is brought to the compost heap behind the office.

7. We avoid using materials that harm the ozon layer such as sprays and styrofoam.

8. We prohibit the use of non-natural insect repellent. We have natural products available for use for all clients.

9. We prohibit taking food into the protected natural areas and discourage the feeding of wildlife.

10. We prohibit smoking during our tours

11. We only use 100% recycable paper for our printers

12. We have implemented a paper recycling program in a way to maximize the use.

13. We give priority to recycled, recycable, biodegradable and reuzable products.

14. We give priority to organic products and products from the area by local micro-companies.

15. We promote the refilling of water bottles from the dispensors at the offices to reduce plastic waste.

16. We promote the responsable use of water and the change of faucets to optimize water consumption.

17. Through posters and cards at the office we invite our clientes to cooperate and help save water and energy.

18. We promote the use of electronical or digital archives instead of printed documents as much as possible.

19. We have implemented a periodical revision protocol for the vehicles we use that each driver has to fill out every day and after each tour.

20. For the outsourced vehicles we assure ourselves that they have all permits and revisions needed according to the law.

21. We avoid and denounce extraction and illegal captivity of wildlife as well as cultural heritage.

22. In our tours we include general activities that involve the local population of the area such as the Indigenous Reserve Tour.

23. We don´t operate big groups during our tours, respecting the maximum capacity of the protected wildlife and natural areas that we visit according to the operating plan of each one. 

24. We dedicate ourselves to not participate and denounce to the authorities any act of sexual abuse, child prostitution, illegal consumptions and will follow the set protocol. 

25. We follow a maintenance protocol for cleaning the septic tank and soapy water and use products so that the wastewater is suitable for use at the end of the circle.

26. When selecting suppliers, we give priority to companies that are subscribed with some sort of sustainability certificación of national or international caliber and/or have a responsable and environmental philosophy compatible with ours. 

Respect the environment: we buy ecologically sustainable products that minimizes the impact on the environment. In our canopy tour we have replaced the steel cables for carbon fiber ones to prevent noise pollution and respect animals living in the forests.

Conservation: we support and contribute to biodiversity by protecting the private natural area where our canopy tour is located.

We support the community: We support local sports- and social activities of the community. We give equal opportunities to the local residents to be part of our staff, even in manegerial positions.

We reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses: We try to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses using the same vehicle to transport visitors doing different tours that go in the same direction.

We promote reforestation: With our “Tree Proejct – I planted a tree in Costa Rica” we plant native tree species with the participation of tourists in a protected area, educating them about the importance of the forest to all mankind.

We avoid producing waste: we encourage tourists to fill their bottels with water provided at our facilities to avoid plastic waste. We also have trash cans for proper seperation of recyclable waste and invite tourists and the general community to use those.

We promote clean-up campaigns: Every two montths we organize clean-up campaigns for the town and surrounding beaches with collaboration of local companys and we invite the communicty to actively participate.

Fundación Paniamor
Furthermore Terreavenutras supports PANIAMOR, a Costa Rican non-governmental organisation that is non profit without politic siding. PANIAMOR is known as a strategic player in the positioning of Costa Rica as an innovative nation that creates policies and programs that impact the quality of life and effective enforcement of the rights of children and adolecents. It´s mission is to catalyze lasting changes in the quality of life fulfillment of the rights of minors in Costa Rica.

¿What can you do as a tourist for sustainable tourism?

sosteni noti1bBehavior: Be respectful of the privacy of local citizens. Ask permission before entering sacred places, homes or private property.

Photos: Be sensitive about when and where you take photos or videos of people. Always ask before doing so.

Environment: Respect the environment. Never touch or disturb the animals. Always follow designated trails. Support conservation by paying entrance fees to parks and protected areas. Eat only in areas established for eating to avoid indirect feeding of wildlife. Do not take anything from the natural areas that you are visiting, even very small things. Use only organic repellent.

Waste: Fill your water bottle in our facilities to avoid plastic waste. When you visit a protected area, leave only footprints. Take your trash with you and dispose of it at the office containers.

Pay fair prices: Do not engage aggressive negotiations when buying souvenirs. Do not try to skimp on tips and service fees.

Buy at local businesses: Enrich your experience and support the local economy. Choose small hotels, inns and B&B’s. Use public buses, local car rental agencies and local airlines. Use local tour operators. Eat at local restaurants, attend local events and shop at local markets.