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Located right next to the great Tarcoles River, 50 minutes from San José on the Central Pacific Coast, the development of one of the biggest projects of the area starts, a property of 640 hectares.

At Nosavar Estate, you will be able to partake in activities related to nature, get to know the ways of the farm from up close, go for a hike on one of the many trails such as Las Lapas Trails or the Galería forest, which is a secundary forest where you can observe birds, mammals and reptiles. You can also go on a guided horseback ride with expert mountain guides, or rent bikes to go cruising through the mountains on the paths created for professionals. Also get to know the Costa Rican cuisine at the Nambí Restaurant (Costa Rican Fusion Cuisine), especialized in meat and seafood.

Another attraction you will find is the exhibition of award-winning livestock developed in the country, where you are explained the ways of a farm in Costa Rica.

Initially, the farm gives you a warm welcome through the Nambí Restaurant, which has a capacity for 350 people. A place where you will find a Costa Rican Fusion menu, taking adventages of the modern gastronomy, created to accommodate different types of palate, especially for those who enjoy a good cut of beef or seafood, served by excellent staff looking to deliver great quality and taste.

Continuing, you will find the souvenir shop, where Tres Generaciones coffee is sold for factory prices, where you an try coffee from the Doka Estate. You will also find traditional products here such as national artesan products with the aim to promote Costa Rican produce and the workforce. It is important to mention that this project also supports employing people from the area.

Nosavar Estate invites you to partake into an excursion by boat to Guacalillo, a unique destination in Costa Rica of only 2 hours from San José or one hour from the Jacó area.

Locate on the Central Pacific Coast, the Guacalillo creek and Tárcoles River offer the opportunity to observe on of the biggest and densly populated crocodile habitats in the Americas. Discover also the area of Mangle with a high percentage of biodiversity of different aquatic birds and one of the principle living areas of the Scarlett Macaw.

The boats have a capacity of 25 people that will take you on a trip through the mangrove, an eco system that counts four different types of mangrove, one of each representing an important area for birds to nest. Furthermore, mangrove is extremely important for marine productivity.

As the boat approaches the sand banks in the river, the passangers have the opportunity to appreciate being close to the crocodiles up to 5 metres from their wild habitat. The crocodiles are very common in mangrove areas and river coasts, but over the past decades, hunters have severely decimated the population. Today, thanks to conservation programs, the latest inventory on the Tárcoles River done by the Biological Reserve of Carara resulted in 50 to 150 individuals per kilometer.

Furthermore, the mangrove area and the river houses 250 different species of birds, among which the King Fisher, Pink Spoonbill, Basilisk, Heron, Anhinga, Blue Heron, Noctural birds and many more. The Tárcoles River is one of the most important feeding spots for residential and migratory birds and an important meeting point for mammals and reptiles.
The tour includes: Boat tour, fruits & water, beer, soda or cocktails available.

Includes: Bilingual guide, lunch, boat tour, equipment, entrance and water bottle.

What to bring: Light clothing, long trousers, comfortable shoes, hat, sunblock, insect repellent and camera.



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