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Sugar Cane and Coffee Tour

El trapiche came to Monteverde in 1948 when Mr. Higinio Santamaría (Grandfather of the current owner), came from San Ramón in Alajuela to Monteverde. The journey was taken with oxes, untill the area what know is known as Santa Elena and took approximately 15 days. 

After arriving at the Monteverde mill, Mr. Juan Santamaría Campos (father of the current owner) created a company whe bought a diesel fueled mill, but not until almost 28 years later the current owner Juan de Dios Santamaría Hidalgo decided to take it back into operation after various years of not being used. 

The mill opens its doors with the objective to demonstrate to the visitors a representative that forms part of the Costa Rican culture. This way visitors can appreciate learning about the process of creating sugar and coffee during an educational and cultural tour, that has started in the year 2005.


trapiche monte 2The Trapiche Tour offers a guided tour of approximately 2 huors. The tour starts with a hike around the farm where you will have the opportunity to observe the different plantations that can be found there. Furthermore a small patch of forest where occasionally you will be able to spot wildlife. Further into the hike on the farm you will observe a tilapia project, banana plantations, plantains, macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee.

They will also explain the process of cultivating sugar cane, its natural history and furthermore offer the opportunity of tryng sugar cane in its different by-products. After this demonstration, one will follow on the process of making coffee, that starts with the plantation and continues with the process of curshing, peeling and toasting in the machines.

Before finishing the hike on the farm, you are invited to do the last part in oxcart, if you wish. If not, you can finish the path by foot. This oxcart will take you past the sugar cane and ends at the mill. Once arrived at the mill, you will be demonstrated the process of the mill being driven by oxes, to extract the juice from the sugar cane. Following you will be explained about the customs and Costa Rican culture, like the stove, the Marimba, pilón and a demonstration on guaro (alcohol distilled with purified water).

After this, a sugar demonstration will follow about the artesanal process of extracting sugar from sugar cane and its different by-products. Ending the tour, you will have the opportunity to try some Gallo de Picadillo accompanied by a drink (lemonade, sugarwater or coffee of the farm) and you will receive a small piece of Tapa de Dulce.


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